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I really really liked Konfabulator a few months ago. I even wrote a widget for it. But now, having expanded my repertoire to include cocoa, I've gotten a bit bored with it. First of all, Konfabulator is rather limited in what it can do. Secondly, it's slow. And third (and most important) it gobbles up RAM. My poor powerbook only has 384 megs, and 10.2 is a hog, so I really need to upgrade to more. But, since I haven't yet, I've been trying to limit my resource consumption (especially since I have project builder running almost all the time as of late) and Konfabulator is one of the things I've decided to live without.

I'll probably turn it back on once I've got more RAM. And it is still a neat little program, just not where my interests lie at the moment.

Nonetheless, it is useful. While Amazeing may be a silly widget, the ones that I normally have running are not. One of them is a little timer widget that would sit in the corner and I could turn on when I needed to time something. That has been no fun to be without, and I don't really like starting up konfabulator just for the timer widget.

Solution? I wrote my own. Enter JTimer.

There's really not too much to it. Start it up, punch in your time, and shut the window (if you'd like). It counts down in the dock 'til it's done, giving you warnings and changing color as appropriate as it gets close. This ain't rocket science here, people.

JTimer requires any Macintosh running OS X 10.2.x or higher.
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