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Globe Trotter is copyright and © 2005 James A Thomason III ((email me)). All rights reserved.

Globe Trotter is a background window application to make life easier when you search on the internet. Hit your hotkey combination (command-shift-] by default) and the Globe Trotter window springs into action. Search among the 50 included search engines, or add your own.

Globe Trotter requires MacOS X 10.2 or higher.

Problems? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? let me know what you think.

No warranty is provided with this software, use at your own risk.

Version History:
  • v1.0.1 May 11, 2005
    • Fixed a bug that could cause batches to open ad nauseum upon closing preferences.
    • Moves the window to the middle of the screen if window is offscreen at launch
    • Search Field now always appears with text selected
    • displays the version in the main window
    • hides the window when the app is inactive
  • v1.0.0 May 1, 2005
    • Initial release

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