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JTCalendar is copyright and (c) 2005, Jim Thomason contact me

JTCalendar is a framework an interface builder palette for developers to embed calendar functionality into their applications. JTCalendar embeds an actual calendar, JTCalendarPopup allows the user to type in a date, or click a button to pop up a calendar to edit.

To use, simply point Interface Builder towards the palette (I'd recommend installing in /Developer/Palette), and you're off to the races. Be sure to include the JTCalendarWidgetFramework.framework in your application. Add it to your project, then add a new copy files phase to embed it into your app.

JTCalendar is distributed under the terms of the Artistic License, a copy of which is included.

Patches/bug reports/feature requests/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

So are donations. While no one is under any obligation to pay, if you're a small developer incorporating these controls into your app, then you no doubt appreciate how infrequently we small developers get any money. You can paypal it over to jim@bassetsoftware, if you're feeling generous. Problems? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? let me know what you think.

No warranty is provided with this software, use at your own risk.

Version History:
  • v1.0.2 February 20, 2005
    • Changed method for determining first of month
    • posts dateChanged notifications when changed via bindings
    • Better bindings support (including hidden & isEnabled - note you'll need to explicitly set these in nibs made from older versions)
    • added delegate methods for date color and date background color
    • New inspector palette
    • JTCalendarPopup now properly sends its action
    • Added support for allowsPast selection flag
    • Fixed the popup size returned by the palette
  • v1.0.1 February 9, 2005
    • Now posts "dateChanged" notifications after changing the date
    • Properly sets calendar attributes upon awake from nib (by calling updateDisplay at end of initWithCoder)
    • added -updateDisplay method to JTCalendarField
    • JTCalendar's -updateDisplay method now resets its popup field value (usually wasteful, admittedly)
    • Added bindings support for currentDate
    • Properly named JTClickableMatrix
  • v1.0.0 February 3, 2005
    • Initial release

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